The main problem of traders is a lack of knowledge

Incorrect understanding of the work of tools

Uncontrolled emotions when trading

Strong risk and loss of money

At Main Capitals, we believe in education as a key success factor in investing. We provide extensive educational resources for our clients to help them develop their knowledge and skills

We are ready to share our experience so that you can start earning

Learning without water

There is no "water", all information is consistent and clearly structured.

Complex in simple language

Complex information is explained "on the fingers", in clear language.

Only 14 days before full-fledged trading

To start trading, a minimum 2-week course is enough.

Free lectures

70% of the lectures required for the initial stage of training are absolutely free.

Learning offline or online

Full-time training

  • In a comfortable office with a working atmosphere.
  • «Live communication with a specialist.»
  • Tea, coffee.

Distance education

  • Straight from home.
  • Learning from anywhere in the world.
  • You can choose a specialist from any office.


Master class

«Practical application of knowledge»

  • Monthly group classes
  • Duration: 2 hours

Basic course

«Fundamentals of Financial Market analysis»

  • Individual classes
  • Duration: 7 hours

Advanced Course

«Fundamental analysis of financial markets»

  • Individual classes
  • Duration: 10 hours

Professional course

«Building trading systems and tactics»

  • Individual classes
  • Duration: 18 hours

Study with us and become a successful trader or investor!


Anatoly Vasiliev, 34 years old

«There were difficulties, but you should never give up»

I never would have thought that my life would be connected with trading. I decided to contact the company on the advice of a good friend. I have completed paid training. Of course, there were difficulties, but you should never give up. My training has yielded amazing results! I am grateful to the company for its competence, thank you!

Andrey Yaroshenko, 25 years old

«Now I earn more per month than my peers in a year»

There are difficulties with employment in my city, I often had difficulties in finding an interesting and highly paid job. I was faced with a choice: to become a trader, or to work by profession in production. I've been in trading for 2 years now and I don't regret a bit that I once turned to Main Capitals. As a result, now I earn more per month than my peers in a year.

Maxim Guerlain, 29 years old

«I was immediately ready to start trading and start earning»

Finally, I found a company that intelligibly conveys complex information without water. I turned to this company with disbelief, because I could not find decent detailed courses. Here, the courses are not only fast, but also the information is all structured, all the most problematic topics are explained in clear, simple language. After the courses, I was immediately ready to start trading and start making money on it. There are even free lectures on the site. Very useful and necessary information. I recommend it to everyone! Thank you for your hard work and competence!

Ekaterina Stepanenko, 23 years old

«I was trained, received a business plan made especially for me»

I am a housewife, but I never liked to waste time and worked actively before pregnancy, I had my own business. It became difficult to do this with a child in my arms and I had to leave the business, which made me apathetic. But here I accidentally got into the brokerage company "Main Capitals" and became interested in binary options. I have been trained, received a business plan made especially for me: how can I achieve my goals on the stock exchange and now I am slowly implementing it with minimal risks. Special thanks to my mentor Tatiana, she helps a lot in trading, as I get many useful advice from her.

Frequently Asked Questions

What trading platforms do you offer?

We offer an advanced trading platform that provides ease of use and functionality. You can choose any device and install a trading platform on it for mobility and convenience.

How can I top up my account?

You can top up your account using various methods, such as:
Bank transfers
Electronic payment systems (Skrill, Neteller, etc.)

What is the minimum amount to start trading?

The minimum amount to start trading depends on the selected account type. The minimum deposit is $100 to activate the trading account.

Do you provide training materials for beginners?

Yes, we provide extensive educational resources for our clients. You will find webinars, video tutorials, articles and e-books that will help you develop your knowledge in investing and trading.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from my account?

The withdrawal time may depend on the withdrawal method you choose and may take up to several business days. We strive to process all withdrawal requests as quickly as possible.

How can I get help or advice on trading?

We provide round-the-clock customer support. You can contact our experienced specialists for professional advice and analytics.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help you with your investment efforts.

You will enjoy working with Main Capitals

Main Capitals is your reliable investment partner providing access to global markets and investment opportunities. Our company specializes in providing brokerage services, providing clients with tools for successful trading and investing.

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Study with us and become a successful trader or investor!

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